Tired of Living With You Past?

Is your past keeping you from getting the credit you need today? Negative items can stay on your reports for 10 years, that’s right 10 years!!!

Around 80% of all credit reports have atleast one mistake. This is one reason why the credit system is rigged against you.

If you are serious about taking control of your credit and want to restore the mess you made in the past, you may be the perfect candidate for our credit restoration program.

To Qualify

We do not accept everyone into our credit restoration program.  The minimum requirements to be considered are the following

Must be serious about wanting to improve your credit history 
Be organized
Willingness to listen and be able to follow directions

Our Proven System

Our 3 phase system has a proven track record, and is why we are a leader in the credit repair industry.  While other companies in our industry have their methods and ways, we stick to what has worked for our clients. Credit Repair has it challenges, and with our years of experience, we have seen it all, and know how to work around many issues that leave our competitors saying “sorry” and referring you to us.

Credit Report Review

We will review and analyze your credit reports, and help create a personalized strategy for making sure your scores are accurate.


We challenge the Credit Bureaus and/or Creditor(s) to make sure all information is 100% accurate on a 30-Day cycle.


Now that your credit is accurate, let’s keep it that way. We will continue to educate and give you the tools to keep your scores correct