You can Sign Up  now. You will receive an email with instructions on getting your free credit reports. Once we have your reports we will complete our free analysis and start working on repairing your credit..

Or contact us and we will send you instructions to get your free credit reports and we can give you a free consultation before signing up.

$99.99 to get started and then $79.99 a month.  No Cancellation Fees!  We just ask for a 30-day notice in writing, you can submit the notice by Contacting Us

No. Upon signup, we will help you in getting your free credit reports. It will NOT HURT your credit scores.  We are here to help your credit. 

No, $79.99 gets you all of our services on a 30-day cycle.

We will challenge up to 15 line items per 30-day cycle, 5 per creditor/ bureau.  If we would challenge anymore on your behalf, the creditors and/or bureau can flag your account as a nuisance.

Our process is effective, and we work to repair your credit as effectively as possible. 

Once we receive your credit reports for each bureau and retention of service documents signed and returned, we can get to work. 

Typically we will have the first round of letters out that week.  And since the credit bureaus have 30 days to process disputes, you should see a response within a month, and each month after.

Results do vary case by case, as everyone’s credit is unique

We dispute up to 15 items (5 items per bureau/creditor) every 30 days. However, not every month will be 15 items, as we want to make sure we the bureaus and creditors take our inquiries serierslously.

The duration of the program depends on the number of items that need to be disputed, as well as the responsiveness of the credit bureaus. Once you sign up and we analyze your reports we can give you a better estimate.  

Everyone’s credit is different and each plan will be custom to you, but the average customer is with us for six to eight months.

Yes, we just ask for a 30-day notice. 

Painless, just send us a message here or give us a call. 

We do not.  Guarantees in the Credit Repair Industry are illegal, therefore we cannot make promises or guarantee results.

We will review each account to determine the if correct or not, but we cannot provide legal advice. However part of our network can provide legal advice, and we will happily make a referral and be a point of reference  for you as long as you are a client.