Fastest Way To Increase Your Score

Increasing your available credit is the single fastest way to improve your credit scores.  There are three ways to achieve this goal.  

30% Of Your Credit Score is
Based On Available Credit

One way to increase your score is by adding new lines of credit.  While building your credit you the only way to apply for credit that you feel confident you will get approved for. 

Each hard inquiry cost you 5 points on your credit score and that inquiry can last on your report up to 24 months. While there is no 100% certainty  you do want to limit your risks.  

We Recommend The Following

Credit Builder Card

New Coast


Credit Eduction (For Free!)

Being a client of our credit restoration or credit reduction programs, you are automatically enrolled in our credit education.  One educational piece we teach our clients is “Credit Utilization”.  Your credit score will drop if any of your lines of credit are utilized by more than 20% So if you have a $1,000 dollar credit limit on a Visa Credit Card, if your balance goes above $200 your score will drop.  But don’t worry once you pay it down, your score will go back up.   

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