The Necessity of Credit Monitoring

Credit Monitoring

One of the most common questions we receive from our clients is; “do I really need to monitor my credit?”  Our answer every time is YES! In this article we will outline the benefits of maintaining a Credit Monitoring service. 

The greatest benefit a client will have is making sure the information reporting is accurately reporting and no additional errors are showing up on their report.  Did you know there were 91 million (91,000,000) complaints were filed against the credit agencies in 2016, and that number has risen each year?! In the age of social media, it is much easier to have your identity stolen.  By consistently monitoring their credit report a client can certify that all information is correct. 

What should a client keep a look out for?

  1. Is your name, address, and place of employment correct?
  2. Are there debt collection items or judgments or other public records that don’t belong to you?
  3. Are there bills reporting late that you know you paid on time?
  4. Who has pulled your credit report in the past two years? Did you authorize the inquiry?

Another benefit of utilizing a credit monitoring service, while working with us, is making sure item(s) that are being disputed for accuracy are identified on your report.  If they are not marked as ‘Disputed’ by law the item(s) have to be removed.

At Forever Young Credit Repair our goal is to educate and assist a client through the process when they find an error on their report.  “Why wait forever to have better credit!”

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